Dr. Linette Williamson, MD, ABAARM

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Who We Are

Why choose Dr. Linette Williamson for all your medical needs?

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B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Virginia, School of Engineering and Applied Science
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M. D., University of Virginia, School of Medicine
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Emergency Medicine Residency, Brooklyn Hospital Center
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Board Certified – Emergency Medicine (ABEM)
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Board Certified – Anti-Aging/Regenerative Medicine (ABAARM)

Her story

Dr. Williamson is a seasoned and caring doctor with more than twenty years of medical experience. She has practiced as an Emergency Medicine physician and in recent years has become a dedicated expert in nutritional and functional medicine.

She is a fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging (A4M). This is a group of physicians who have been certified in a variety of holistic therapies including diet, nutritional supplements, bioidentical hormone replacement, intravenous nutrient therapy, chelation, weight loss, and several other cutting-edge therapies.

Her unique training in both conventional and holistic medicine provides many advantages to her patients. In addition to listening to her patients closely, she utilizes state of the art lab testing combined with physical exams to help identify and treat the root causes of her patients’ health issues. With the use of holistic and regenerative therapies, she helps patients prevent and treat their health concerns. She truly offers the patients the ability to discover their optimal health and vitality.

From pediatrics to seniors, Functional Lifestyle Medicine is life changing.

Dr. Williamson uses a whole body systems approach to diagnose and discover the root causes of the body’s imbalances that cause the vast number of chronic diseases we see today, and rob us of the optimal health and vitality we all desire.

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Dr. Williamson is committed to improving the quality of life for each of her patients through evidence-based Lifestyle Functional Medicine and Integrative Therapies.

She loves spending time with family, working out at the gym with her personal trainer (her husband), reading, and the beautiful San Diego beaches. It is common to find her catching an early morning surf or watching a sunset at one of her favorite beaches.

Diet and Health
Natural Healing Foods

Dr. Williamson's guidance can help you return to an improved quality of life.

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