Peptides are smaller forms of proteins. Both peptides and proteins are made of amino acids. Peptides are made of 2-50 amino acids combined in a specific sequence and proteins are made of greater that 50 amino acids combined together. Peptides are signaling molecules. They bind to receptors on cell surfaces and tell other cells and molecules how to function. Peptide therapy has shown in studies to be effective.

Studies suggest that peptides have potential for:

o Improve muscle mass and strength

o Anti-Aging

o Increase immune function

o Skin rejuvenation

o Wound healing

o Decrease inflammation

o Improve function of our mitochondria (the energy powerhouse of our cells)

Linette Williamson, MD is an Integrative Medical Doctor, who specializes in helping her patients identify lifestyle factors that affect their everyday medical issues. Dr. Williamson uses cutting edge testing to find imbalances that are related to your health problems. She will spend time with you to find out what specific issues you have and help you develop a specific plan that is unique to you.

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